Saturday, 28 June 2014

Past 5 Days - Food, Flowers & Prom

The past five days have been so good, on Monday I did my last GCSE exam which felt amazing because I am now free and can enjoy the summer YAY! For me, the only way to celebrate is by eating lots of chocolate and shopping - FYI, I did both haha. I've consumed a lot of food this week (unhealthy food to clarify), but at the moment I've been having a massive craze over Paninis. I went out for lunch and just had to pick it from the menu, and let me tell you, it was b e a utiful!! I then hit the garden centre and it was so cute seeing all the flowers especially as its been so sunny! The weather has been gorgeous and I love it so much because everyone is in a happy mood! So I'm praying that it stays for a little while longer.
Okay now, let me just say five words 'The Fault In Our Stars'. Oh my god, it's such a great film but definitely a tear jerker! If you start crying because you see other people crying (like I do) then trust me, you will be an emotional wreck by the end of it!!! Please let me have an Augustus Waters!
Also lately I've started reading the Divergent book. I watched the film when it came out in cinemas and absolutely loved it, so a friend lent me the book to try out and I'm hooked already! It's so easy to read and get in to, therefore I recommend reading it to give it a go!

So you probably scrolled down and saw some pictures of my friends and I in fancy frocks, well you can guess I also had prom this week. Surprisingly, it was actually really fun! On the menu for me I had Steak & Chips, then to finish it off I scoffed down chocolate fudge cake, which I must add was very tasty! The dress I'm wearing is from Topshop and unfortunately went in the sale after I bought it *sigh* and my shoes are from New Look.
This week has been great :)

Chloe x