Monday, 30 June 2014

OOTD - Oversized Shirt // Chunky Sandals

- Topshop Bag

Okay so first of all, please excuse my face in these pictures I look dreadful haha and second of all this is my first OOTD post woop woop!
The shirt I'm wearing is probably one of my most favourite purchases recently. It's oversized and the material is quite light, making it floaty/breathable - which is great as we've been having the hot weather! It's so versatile, and so simple to wear. (Also only £30, a bargin I think!) LOVE IT!
So I teamed the shirt with the classic Topshop Joni jeans, and they are literally the most comfortable pair of jeans I own! And the fact that they are high waisted just makes them even better!!!
Now the chunky sandals. My new babies for the summer! I love these shoes SO much, I wear them all the time! They are just the perfect shoe, you can wear them with jeans - looks amazing, can wear them with dresses - looks amazing, can basically wear them with anything and looks amazing haha. I bought them off eBay (here) and if you're still on a mission to find some chunky sandals then here is your answer. They are a great price, come in other colours and are really comfortable to wear. They are also great because they give the outfit the final 'edgy' touch. So go and invest in some!!!

Chloe x

Saturday, 28 June 2014

Past 5 Days - Food, Flowers & Prom

The past five days have been so good, on Monday I did my last GCSE exam which felt amazing because I am now free and can enjoy the summer YAY! For me, the only way to celebrate is by eating lots of chocolate and shopping - FYI, I did both haha. I've consumed a lot of food this week (unhealthy food to clarify), but at the moment I've been having a massive craze over Paninis. I went out for lunch and just had to pick it from the menu, and let me tell you, it was b e a utiful!! I then hit the garden centre and it was so cute seeing all the flowers especially as its been so sunny! The weather has been gorgeous and I love it so much because everyone is in a happy mood! So I'm praying that it stays for a little while longer.
Okay now, let me just say five words 'The Fault In Our Stars'. Oh my god, it's such a great film but definitely a tear jerker! If you start crying because you see other people crying (like I do) then trust me, you will be an emotional wreck by the end of it!!! Please let me have an Augustus Waters!
Also lately I've started reading the Divergent book. I watched the film when it came out in cinemas and absolutely loved it, so a friend lent me the book to try out and I'm hooked already! It's so easy to read and get in to, therefore I recommend reading it to give it a go!

So you probably scrolled down and saw some pictures of my friends and I in fancy frocks, well you can guess I also had prom this week. Surprisingly, it was actually really fun! On the menu for me I had Steak & Chips, then to finish it off I scoffed down chocolate fudge cake, which I must add was very tasty! The dress I'm wearing is from Topshop and unfortunately went in the sale after I bought it *sigh* and my shoes are from New Look.
This week has been great :)

Chloe x

Thursday, 12 June 2014

Junes Wish List

Current Favourites

4. Salsit Burgundy Hat -£22.20
5. Monki White Top -£20
(The rings are from topshop and can be bought here for £8.50.
And the lipstick is obviously MAC)

 So here are a few of my current favourites this month, they are quite plain and simple yet absolutely gorgeous! This summer I have set myself a challenge to try and be more adventurous with my outfits (sad I know haha). I'm usually the type to live in a pair of black jeans because they go with everything and then just throw on a top, but no, not this time!!!
I adore the Topshop lilac skirt because it could be so versatile and the colour is stunning, and it also means I would have to get my legs out (and to me that's hitting the adventurous mark!). A latest craze that everyone seems to be following at the moment is the 'chunky heel sandal', now don't get me wrong, I'm a follower on the chunky sandals but the Topshop leaf wedges may have to be my winner. The fact that the pattern is quirky and fits great for the summer season proves they are the perfect shoe this month!!!
Chloe x 

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Hey There!

Well, this is my very first post and all I can think of to say is 'hey there big world of internet'! I've been thinking about doing this and starting a blog for a while, but I never really plucked up the courage to do so, but today is the day where I finally went onto my laptop and started writing! I will try and post as often as possible and to make sure that it is interesting for you guys. You can expect to read about snippets of my lifestyle, mainly fashion and the thoughts in my head! And all that's left to say is that I hope you all enjoy!

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Chloe x